This blog has been created exclusively for me to put the comments I make on other blogs somewhere, just in case they don’t make it through moderation on those blogs.

Given my oft controversial comments, this is not a rare occurrence. :p

Additionally, due to browser issues that I have been unable to resolve (because I’m not Geek enough *sob*), I do come across blogs that I am unable to get the comments I do write to go through on. Thus, this place will be a repository for all comments I try to make on all blogs, just in case they get lost in the ether.

[Edit: Browser/posting issues seem to have resolved, thus the dearth of posts within this blog.]

While comments to this blog WILL be moderated, this is only so that I can prevent true spam from being posted. Any and all seemingly genuine comments will be let through, regardless of whether they’re supportive of me and my views or not. After all, it would be rather hypocritical of me to have a journal designed to collate my criticisms of others, if I were not to permit such responses in return.

G'wan, rant. You know you want to.

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