Adoption UK – Twinterview transcript

Just tripped over this one in the annals of adoptedintheuk‘s drafts’ folder. It’s still awaiting moderation, so I’m putting it on here. :}

October 4, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Adopted adults are also in desperate need of help, yet there is no help available. Will the Care Inquiry help support adoptees in their fight to be able to get adoptee-specific counselling, given that the mental health issues experienced by adoptees cannot be dealt with by “normal” counselling, which is actually far more likely to drive an adoptee to suicide? is an example of my own fight to try to get help.

Us and Them

March 26, 2013
@ 8:22pm

How sad that so many people you told celebrated the fact that a kid was about to be legally and irrevocably severed from its own genealogical ancestry. That just shows how little people know about how horrific being adopted actually is.

Walking The Tightrope Of Adoption Cheerleading

28 Feb 2013

The problem with adoption cheerleading is that it’s already done by the Adoption Industry.

What we actually need is far less cheerleading, and far more rational truths.

The following blogs might be helpful for highlighting said rational truths:

A #ModernMom Adoption: Part 2 of 2

25 Feb 2013 @ Daily Ovation

What an utterly SICKENING article.

Adoptees have every right to get to know THEIR OWN families, and to read an adopter dismissing OUR OWN families in such horrible ways is horrific!

We are also not ‘gifts’, but actual real people. You actually are heartless as you entirely negate the problem ADOPTEES suffer with from being adopted by describing us as that.

As an adoptee, I find this article vile and repulsive, and am thoroughly gladdened that my own adopters were nowhere near as callous and clueless as you’re making yourself sound!